Forget the ladder, Daisy Stone climbs big dick to get a job

Can this guy ever get enough? Johnny mistakes the cleaning lady Daisy Stone for one of his co-workers in his office, and when she tells him she wants a job in the office, the guy's dick is suddenly springing out of his zipper! Daisy claims that she found some work clothes on the desk she was dusting, and then decided to try them on to see what it feels like to have the kind of job she always wanted but was never able to get. When Daisy starts ripping her clothes off, Johnny makes like her fat delicious ass isn't what's going to get her the position she wants there! But we really know that his dick sliding in and out of her in ALL positions is just what needs to happen for Daisy to get ahead! (Video duration: 31 min)

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Still Up

Zoe Bloom's boyfriend has a fantasy about seeing her with another man, and now his wish is about to come true. She has found the perfect mate and is about to embark on an evening of fun that neither her or her man are ever going to forget.

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Sugar Daddy Sharing

Little Caprice's sugar daddy has made a ton of money and now he is free to enjoy himself doing exactly what he wants, namely spending time with and spoiling beautiful girls. They have a game they like to play, each of them finding the perfect woman to share, and each one being more beautiful than the last. She met Tori Black at yoga, and after inviting her over, there is a total understanding of exactly where they want this to lead.

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Can't Talk Right Now Babe

Ella Nova is enjoying a night out in the city and telling a few untruths to her boyfriend who is waiting at home. Although he thinks she is at a movie, the truth is that she is spending time with a hot guy she has met, and this is going to be one to remember.

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New Friends

Lily Rader and Arya Fae are on vacation for Lily's birthday and out for some serious fun. They've picked up a couple of hot guys and Lilys is telling some little untruths to her man, will she regret it in the morning?

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Queen Vs Pawn

Jordi is patiently waiting for his girlfriend to get home so they can practice chess. Her mom, Jordan Pryce, informs him that she might be later than expected and asks him to show her a few chess moves. Jordan isn't exactly in the spirit of the game, though- distracting Jordi with her huge tits and turning the tables on who is teaching whom

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Sensory Deprivation

Kayla Kayden wants to make sure everything is just perfect for her anniversary with Danny. The bed is sprinkled with rose petals, and she's decked out in her brand new lingerie. Kayla is still holding out that she'll get exactly what she's been dreaming of for so long, being able to take two guys at once! Luckily, Keiran is ready to make her dreams come true. He's more than happy to help out a friend, especially when it means getting to fill up both of Kayla's dripping wet holes. One thing is for sure, this is going to be an anniversary Kayla won't soon forget.

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What's Up Beautiful

Jill Kassidy is in the big city and looking for fun, and she's found it. After having a disagreement with her boyfriend at a club, she is left all alone, that is until she is approached by a sexy stranger who gives her an alternative outcome for her evening.

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Prude And Prejudice

Conservative MILF India Summer only wants what's best for her daughter... which is exactly why she doesn't want her hanging around Gina Valentina at college! After finding her daughter's secret stash of cigarettes, booze and (gasp!) sex toys, India calls Gina's mother and demands they have a talk. When Gina shows up at India's door herself, the uptight mom tries to have a chat with the bad seed, woman to woman. After Gina pushes India's buttons and calls her a prude (her daughter is in college after all), India sets out to prove that she can be as slutty and wild as women half her age. Will she be able to convince Gina?

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Jenny Manson

Hottie newcomer Jenny Manson arrived for a quick visit with his boyfriend, and if we were around already, we filmed it, why not right? Deep anal penetration in her perfectly shaped butt and a messy facial ending are the features of this scene.

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